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Avraham Perlmutter, Ph.D., has spoken to thousands of people to share his inspirational story. 

Today, his daughter
Keren Perlmutter, Ph.D. continues to share his remarkable life story through a compelling multimedia presentation that includes video clips of her father's powerful testimony. Descendants of the Beijers family, who helped to hide Avraham during the Holocaust, also participate in the talks when possible. The presentations have been shared worldwide, with audiences in the United States and the Netherlands, among others. 

Avraham with members of the
Beijers family and students
at New Roads Middle School

If you would like to BOOK A PRESENTATION by Keren for your school or organization, please contact us at

Additional information about all events can be viewed HERE

Some of the GREAT FEEDBACK these talks have received!

Our kids were absolutely mesmerized by your story... The fact that you were mobbed by teachers and kids alike tells you how valuable your words were and how powerfully your story resonated with us.

— New Roads Middle School, Santa Monica, CA

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