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"A must see... I highly recommend that it be required viewing in our Social Science classes across the country."

— Nat Trives, Former Mayor of Santa Monica and Professor/Administrator, Santa Monica College


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Avraham’s life story is an excellent educational resource as it teaches many important lessons, including 

  • the importance of resilience and determination to not only survive but to succeed

  • the importance of helping others, and of being an upstander rather than an bystander

  • the importance of tolerance, compassion, and empathy towards people of all faiths and backgrounds

  • the value of education

As such, Avraham's story not only educates about the past, it also helps guide people to do the right thing in the present and in the future.

These lessons are particularly important for students since it is during their teenage years that people form their ethical and moral values.

Avraham’s story can be explored by students in multiple ways:

Documentary: Created to be engaging and age-appropriate for students as young as 8 years old, it is available to be screened to both students and groups of educators.

Autobiography: The book has been incorporated into the class curricula at several schools, ranging from elementary to university. It is currently available in paperback and as an e-book on amazon.

Study guide: Designed to accompany the film or book, it incorporates Avraham’s story within the larger historical context and provides opportunities for students to reflect and relate the story to their personal experiences and to the contemporary world.

Talks: Avraham’s life story has been shared to thousands of students at schools ranging from elementary through law school. Today, his daughter Keren Perlmutter, Ph.D. continues to share his remarkable life story through a compelling multimedia presentation that includes video clips of her father's powerful testimony. 

If you would like to incorporate Avraham’s story into your classroom through any of these opportunities, please contact us at

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